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At City Dental Practice We believe that the best way to help our patients is by showing each individual  how best to look after their teeth and gums for a healthy smile

For good oral health both soft and hard plaque needs to be removed effectively and prevented from building up

In our practice we encourage our patients to see Heather our Dental Hygienist. Heather will:

  • Assess your gum health and home care routine
  • Remove hard plaque
  • Work with you and tailor your routine so that you can remove soft plaque from every surface of every tooth every day
  • For patients who are worried about stains on their teeth caused by foods/drinks or alcohol we offer a stain removal service using the latest air-flow technology. 
Appointments with Heather start at just £39
Please note a £20 non refundable deposit is needed for all appointments with Heather.